Gilmore Girls

LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER - The storybook Connecticut town of Stars Hollow is home to 32-two-year-old Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her 16-year-old daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel). Rory and her best friend Lane Kim (Keiko Agena) are straight 'A' students at the local public high school, but when Rory is accepted into the prestigious Chilton Prep in nearby Hartford, the steep tuition forces Lorelai to try to mend the long-standing rift with her wealthy parents Richard (Edward Herrmann) and Emily (Kelly Bishop) and ask for financial help. Melissa McCarthy, Yanic Truesdale, Scott Patterson and Liz Torres also star. Lesli Linka Glatter directed the episode written by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

The Lorelai's First Day at Chilton
BRAVE NEW WORLD - Rory's (Alexis Bledel) first day at Chilton Prep begins badly when Lorelai (Lauren Graham) oversleeps and accompanies her daughter into the intimidating school wearing a t-shirt, cut-off jeans and cowboy boots, an outfit which draws disapproving stares from the other mothers and from her own mother Emily (Kelly Bishop). While overwhelmed by the heavy workload and tough competitive atmosphere, Rory immediately makes an enemy of the school top student, Paris (guest star Lisa Weil), who is threatened by Rory's intelligence. Meanwhile, Lorelai's work day is further interrupted by a call from her neighbors, Babette (Sally Struthers, "All in the Family") and Morey (Ted Rooney), warning her that workmen are in her house installing a new computer line, leading to yet another fight between Lorelai and Emily about who will pay for what in Rory's life. Arlene Sanford directed the episode written by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Kill Me Now
A GOOD WALK SPOILED - When Rory (Alexis Bledel) mentions to the family that she has to learn a sport for school, Emily (Kelly Bishop) insists that she spend a day with her grandfather Richard (Edward Herrmann) at his club, learning to play golf. Lorelai (Lauren Graham) is sure that Rory will follow in her footsteps and reject everything about her parents' rarefied life, but grandfather and granddaughter form an instant bond during a wonderful day of golf, leaving Emily to gloat and Lorelai to feel surprisingly left-out. Meanwhile, a double wedding at the inn with two sets of identical twins drives Michel (Yanic Truesdale), Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) and Lorelai crazy. Scott Patterson, Liz Torres, Sally Struthers, Ted Rooney and Alex Borstein also star. Adam Nimoy directed the episode written by Joanne Waters.

The Deer Hunters
TEACHERS, TESTS AND TANTRUMS - Still struggling to catch up at Chilton, Rory (Alexis Bledel) receives the first "D" of her life on an English assignment and is so humiliated that she plunges into obsessive studying, with Lorelai's (Lauren Graham) help, for her upcoming Shakespeare exam. When Rory's surreal encounter with a deer causes her to miss the exam, she has an uncharacteristic outburst, leading to a parent-teacher conference where Lorelai has her own outburst, but manages to begin a serious flirtation with Rory's handsome teacher, Max Medina (guest star Scott Cohen, "NYPD Blue"). Scott Patterson and Keiko Agena also star. Alan Myerson directed the episode written by Jed Seidel.

Rory's Birthday Parties
ONE BIRTHDAY, TWO PARTIES - Emily (Kelly Bishop) throws Rory (Alexis Bledel) an elegant birthday party and invites Chilton students, but Rory is embarrassed that the kids she doesn't get along with have been forced to come to the party by their own wealthy parents. Rory blows up at her grandmother, then tries to smooth things over by inviting Emily and Richard (Edward Herrmann) to the wild birthday bash that her mom (Lauren Graham) is throwing for her the following night. Melissa McCarthy, Keiko Agena, Yanic Truesdale, Scott Patterson and Liz Torres also star. Sarah Pia Anderson directed the episode written by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Cinnamon's Wake
FUNERALS AND FATE - Mother and daughter both wrestle with romance when Rory (Alexis Bledel) finds herself painfully flustered every time she is around Dean (Jared Padalecki), while Lorelai (Lauren Graham) agrees to have dinner with Rory's teacher Max Medina (guest star Scott Cohen, "NYPD Blue") even though she is consumed with worry over Rory's reaction. As fate would have it, however, Lorelai has to cancel the date to attend the funeral of Cinnamon, the enormous and beloved cat of neighbors Babbette (guest star Sally Struthers, "All in the Family") and Morey (Ted Rooney). Melissa McCarthy, Keiko Agena, Yanic Truesdale, Kelly Bishop, Scott Patterson and Liz Torres also star. Michael Katleman directed the episode written by Daniel Palladino.

Love and War and Snow
ROMANCE AND REVOLUTION - A blinding snowstorm strands Rory (Alexis Bledel) at her grandparents' house giving Lorelai (Lauren Graham) a rare opportunity to spend the night with Rory's teacher Max (guest star Scott Cohen), while the townspeople brave the snow to stage their annual reenactment of a Revolutionary war battle. Melissa McCarthy, Keiko Agena, Yanic Truesdale, Kelly Bishop, Edward Herrmann and Scott Patterson also star. Alan Myerson directed the episode written by Joan Binder Weiss.

Kiss and Tell
RORY'S FIRST KISS - When Rory (Alexis Bledel) neglects to tell Lorelai (Lauren Graham) that she experienced her first kiss from Dean (guest star Jared Padalecki), Lorelai tries to overcome her hurt feelings and prove she's fine with their relationship by inviting Dean over to watch videos, a move that humiliates Rory. Melissa McCarthy, Keiko Agena, Scott Patterson and Liz Torres also star. Rodman Flender directed the episode written by Jenji Kohan.

Forgiveness and Stuff
RICHARD COLLAPSES AT THE GILMORE CHRISTMAS PARTY - Hurt and upset when she finds herself "dis-invited" to her parents' annual Christmas bash, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) is frantic when she hears that her father Richard (Edward Herman) has collapsed at the party. Luke (Scott Patterson) rushes Lorelai to the hospital where Richard's close call forces everyone to confront long-standing resentments and misunderstandings. Alexis Beldel, Yanic Truesdale, Keiko Agena, Kelly Bishop and Liz Torres also star. Bethany Rooney directed the episode written by John Stephens.

Rory's Dance
RORY'S FIRST FORMAL DANCE - Rory (Alexis Bledel) asks Dean (guest star Jared Padalecki) to accompany her to a formal dance at Chilton, but the lovely evening is spoiled when they fall asleep together after the dance, leading to a fight between Rory's grandmother (Kelly Bishop) and her mom (Lauren Graham) over who has been a worse mother. Melissa McCarthy, Keiko Agena and Liz Torres also star. Lesli Linka Glatter directed the episode written by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Double Date
LOVE IS IN THE AIR - After Lorelai (Lauren Graham) encourages Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) to ask out her produce man, Jackson (Jackson Douglas), she soon finds herself on the double date from hell with Jackson's very odd cousin (guest star Max Perlich, ''Homicide: Life on the Street''), which makes Luke (Scott Patterson) jealous enough to finally work up the courage to ask Lorelai out. Meanwhile, Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lane (Keiko Agena) get into trouble when they double date with Dean (Jared Padalecki) and his friend Todd (guest star Lukas Behnken) without telling their moms. Yanic Truesdale also stars. Lev Spiro directed the episode written by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Paris is Burning
LORELAI IS CAUGHT KISSING RORY'S TEACHER - As the relationship with Rory's (Alexis Bledel) teacher Max (guest star Scott Cohen) grows more serious, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) panics and decides to end it, but her attempt to break up with him during Parent-Teacher night at Chilton causes even more trouble at school for Rory. Kelly Bishop, Melissa McCarthy and Scott Patterson also star. David Petrarca directed the episode written by Joan Binder Weiss.

Concert Interruptus
LORELAI AND RORY ROCK OUT TO THE BANGLES - Lorelai (Lauren Graham) is psyched when Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) scores four great seats to a Bangles concert, she ends up offering the tickets to Rory (Alexis Bledel) so she can bond with three of her new schoolmates, but a chance meeting with cute college boys changes everyone's plans. Keiko Agena, Scott Patterson and Liz Torres also star. Bruce Seth Green directed the episode written by Elaine Arata.

Christopher Returns
RORY'S DAD RETURNS TO STARS HOLLOW - Rory's (Alexis Bledel) father Christopher (guest star David Sutcliffe) makes an unexpected visit to Stars Hollow, reawakening old passions with Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and stirring up old feelings of anger and resentment between Lorelai and her parents (Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann). Melissa McCarthy, Yanic Truesdale, Scott Patterson and Liz Torres also star. Michael Katleman directed the episode written by Daniel Palladino.

That Damn Donna Reed
HOME COOKIN' - When she accidentally loses the tiny chick that is Rory's (Alexis Bledel) science project, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) calls Luke (Scott Patterson) to help her search the house, but he misreads her cry for help as a romantic invitation. Meanwhile, Rory quarrels with her boyfriend Dean (Jared Padalecki) when he admits that he finds the idea of a Donna Reed-type housewife charming, so she surprises him with a traditional home-cooked dinner. Melissa McCarthy, Keiko Agena, Yanic Truesdale and Liz Torres also star. Michael Katleman directed the episode written by Daniel Palladino & Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Star-Crossed Lovers & Other Strangers
LOVE RUNS AMUCK - Rory (Alexis Bledel) is touched when Dean (Jared Padalecki) makes an elaborate fuss over their 3-month anniversary, but the evening is spoiled when he declares his love for her and she doesn't give him the response he was hoping for. Meanwhile, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) suffers through an uncomfortable dinner with her parents (Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann) and a surprise blind date (guest star Paul Cassell) then, after escaping, discovers that Luke's (Scott Patterson) old flame Rachel (guest star Lisa Ann Hadley) has returned to Stars Hollow. Melissa McCarthy, Keiko Agena, Yanic Truesdale and Liz Torres also star. Lesli Linker Glatter directed the episode written by John Stephens and Linda Loiselle Guzik.

The Third Lorelai
When Richard's (Edward Herrmann) mother, the original Lorelai (guest star Marion Ross, "Happy Days"), arrives from London and offers Lorelai (Lauren Graham) a trust fund for Rory's (Alexis Bledel) education, Emily (Kelly Bishop) goes into an emotional tailspin, fearing that if Lorelai and Rory have financial independence, she'll lose contact with them again.

Breakup, Part 2
Rebounding from a fight with Dean (Jared Padalecki), Rory (Alexis Bledel) ends up kissing Tristin (Chad Michael Murray) at a party, while Lorelai (Lauren Graham) follows her own impulse to show up at Max?s (guest star Scott Cohen) house for a night of passion.

Emily In Wonderland
After spending a day with Rory (Bledel) in Stars Hollow and seeing the tiny house where Lorelai (Graham) lived when Rory was a baby, Emily (Bishop) is inspired to create what she thinks will be a teen-dream bedroom for her granddaughter to make up for all the material things she had to do without.

P.S. I Lo...
FEAR OF COMMITMENT - When Rory (Alexis Bledel) discovers that Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and her teacher Max (guest star Scott Cohen) are seeing each other again and that Lane (Keiko Agena) and Dean (Jared Padalecki) are bonding as study partners, she blows up at her mom and escapes to her grandparents' house. After Lorelai angrily confronts Dean and discovers the real reason behind her daughter's break-up, she is left to worry that she has taught Rory to fear commitment. Melissa McCarthy, Yanic Truesdale, Kelly Bishop, Edward Herrmann and Scott Patterson also star. Lev Spiro directed the episode written by Elaine Arata & Joan Binder Weiss.

Love, Daisies and Troubadours
CUPID RUNS AMUCK - Lorelai is becoming seriously involved with Max (guest star Scott Cohen) just as she findsherself getting in the middle of another relationship when Luke's girlfriend Rachel (guest star Lisa Ann Hadley)accuses him of being in love with Lorelai. With her own romance drama, Rory tries to work up the courage to win Dean back.


Sadie, Sadie...& Hammers and Veils
Lorelai accepts Max Medina's (recurring guest star SCOTT COHEN) marriage proposal, but when Emily hears about the upcoming wedding from Sookie, the elder woman is hurt and angry that Lorelai didn't bother to tell her. Soon, the whole town is busy making wedding arrangements, but her mother's attitude dampens the bridal bliss for Lorelai. Meanwhile, Rory brings Dean to dinner at her grandparents' house, and Richard's obvious disapproval of Dean leads to the first fight between Alexis and her grandfather.

Red Light on the Wedding Night
During a wild bachelorette party hosted by Sookie, Lorelai makes an impulsive telephone call to Rory's father, Christopher (recurring guest star DAVID SUTCLIFFE), and sadly realizes that Max is not the man for her.

The Road Trip to Harvard
With the wedding canceled, Lorelai is eager to escape the sympathies of everyone in Stars Hollow, so she and Rory take off on a road trip that ultimately leads to Harvard University. While Rory confronts her dreams of college life, Lorelai ponders what might have been.

Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy
Lorelai's well-intentioned advice doesn't dissuade Luke from reluctantly agreeing to care for his wild 17-year-old nephew Jess (new series star MILO VENTIMIGLIA). Rory finds herself attracted to this new resident in town.

Presenting Lorelai Gilmore
Emily requests that Rory partake in a debutante ball. To everyone's surprise, she agrees. After asking Rory's father, Christopher (recurring guest star DAVID SUTCLIFFE), to present Rory to society, Lorelai finds herself attracted to the new, more responsible man he has become

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Rory is told by her guidance counselor that she is perceived as a loner, and her subsequent, reluctant efforts to socialize put her in the most popular clique at Chilton. Meanwhile, the chancellor of Chilton recommends that Lorelai participate more in school activities, so she volunteers the Inn as a venue for a Chilton fund-raising fashion show. She is later horrified to find herself modeling matching outfits with her mother, Emily.

The Ins & Outs of Inns
Lorelai and Sookie have the first fight of their long friendship when, upon hearing that the Independence Inn may be sold, Lorelai panics and decides that their shared dream of opening an inn together is doomed to fail.

Run Away, Little Boy
When Rory and her classmate Tristan (recurring guest star CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY) are cast as Romeo and Juliet in a school play, a jealous Dean insists on attending every rehearsal, forcing Rory to beg Tristan not to tell Dean about the time she and Tristan kissed. Meanwhile, Lorelai has to endure Luke's teasing after she dates a much younger guy

The Bracebridge Dinner
While Rory struggles to keep the budding rivalry between Dean and Jess under control, Lorelai invites most of the citizens of Stars Hollow to an elaborate feast, complete with Elizabethan costumes and horse-drawn sleigh rides. During the event, Richard stuns Emily by revealing that he has retired.

Secrets and Loans
Lorelai is concerned because she can't afford to repair her home's extensive termite damage. She becomes angry when Rory tells Emily about the problem, and Emily again offers Lorelai a loan. Meanwhile, Rory is confused when Lane joins the cheerleading squad, despite having always mocked it.

Richard in Stars Hollow
Newly retired Richard is making Emily crazy, so Lorelai agrees to take her father for a day in Stars Hollow, where he proceeds to annoy both Lorelai and Rory. Richard criticizes every aspect of their lives and refuses to let Rory accept a car that Dean built for her

A-Tisket, A-Tasket
The annual Stars Hollow Picnic Basket Auction causes romantic complications when Jess outbids Dean to win a picnic lunch date with Rory. A fight ensues between Rory and Dean, and she has an even bigger argument with Lorelai over Rory's socializing with Jess.

It Should've Been Lorelai
Lorelai and Rory are stunned when Rory's father, Christopher (recurring guest star DAVID SUTCLIFFE), brings his new girlfriend, Sherry (MADCHEN AMICK - "Twin Peaks"), to Stars Hollow. Sherry makes it obvious that she wants to build a meaningful relationship with Rory. Meanwhile, when Emily learns about Sherry, she becomes furious with Lorelai for failing to win Christopher back.

Lost and Found
Rory panics when she realizes that she has lost the bracelet that Dean made for her. When the suspicious Lorelai witnesses Jess in Rory's room, she accuses him of stealing. Meanwhile, exasperated with sharing his cramped apartment over the diner with Jess, Luke impulsively buys the entire building in order to expand.

There's The Rub
Lorelai and Emily are at a health spa for the weekend, but they sneak out for some unauthorized food at a local restaurant. There, Emily dances with a distinguished stranger, Chad (HAL LINDEN - "Barney Miller"), and blames Lorelai for her feelings of guilt. At home, Rory looks forward to a rare evening alone, but problems occur when Paris, Jess and Dean all come to the house unexpectedly.

Dead Uncles and Vegetables
Luke is overwhelmed by the funeral arrangements he must make for his deceased Uncle Louie, who was Stars Hollow's most disliked citizen, so Lorelai and Rory work at Luke's diner--without much help from Jess. Meanwhile, Emily's extravagant suggestions for Sookie's upcoming wedding to Jackson (recurring guest star JACKSON DOUGLAS) make everyone crazy.

Back in the Saddle Again
When Chilton hosts its annual business fair, Rory must create and market a first-aid kit for teenagers, so she asks her newly retired grandfather, Richard, for advice. He is so thrilled to work on a business project that he decides to start a second career. Meanwhile, Lorelai causes problems for Michel when his flamboyant mother, Giselle (JANET HUBERT), visits town. And Dean feels miserable when he suspects that Rory is no longer romantically interested in him.

Teach Me Tonight
Luke asks Rory for help after he learns that Jess is failing several high school classes. However, during their first study session, Jess convinces Rory to let him drive her car, and he crashes it, breaking Rory's wrist. Lorelai becomes furious at Luke for putting Rory in danger by encouraging Jess to study with her, prompting Luke to put Jess on a bus to New York

Help Wanted
Lorelai volunteers her organizational skills to help Richard establish a consulting business. As Rory gradually realizes that everyone in Stars Hollow blames Jess for the accident that led to her broken wrist, her anger and guilt finally lead to an outburst directed at Emily. Meanwhile, Lane discovers a new desire to become a rock drummer when a former New Yorker named Sophie (singer/songwriter CAROLE KING) opens the town's first music store.

Lorelai's Graduation Day
As Lorelai frantically prepares for her final examinations in business school, Rory secretly invites townspeople--including Richard and Emily--to Lorelai's graduation ceremony. Christopher gives Lorelai a special gift, and Sookie bakes a cake. Meanwhile, without telling anyone, Rory travels to New York, where Jess has been living since Luke sent him away. Everyone happily gathers for Lorelai's proud moment, but Rory is not there! Her bus is delayed by an accident, and she misses the graduation ceremony. Lorelai is upset until she realizes that Rory truly loves Jess. Rory doesn't believe that she could love anyone but Dean, but she is happy to celebrate Lorelai's graduation with her a little late.

I Can't Get Started
On the eve of Sookie's wedding, Lorelai and Christopher (recurring guest star DAVID SUTCLIFFE) share an intimate night together. However, their discussion of perhaps resuming their relationship ends when Christopher gets an unexpected message from his former girlfriend. Meanwhile, Rory is so happy to see Jess when he returns to Stars Hollow that she surprises him--and herself--by greeting him with a passionate kiss.


Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days
After returning from a summer internship in Washington, D.C., where she mingled with members of the U.S. Congress, including Senator Barbara Boxer (HERSELF), Chilton Academy preparatory school student Rory Gilmore (series star ALEXIS BLEDEL) faces a dilemma with her classmates Dean (series star JARED PADALECKI) and Jess Mariano (series star MILO VENTIMIGLIA). Lorelai Gilmore (series star LAUREN GRAHAM), the manager of the quaint and historic Independence Inn, is overjoyed to have her daughter home, but upon learning that the girlfriend of Rory's father, Christopher (recurring guest star DAVID SUTCLIFFE), is having a baby, Lorelai questions her own future.

MELISSA McCARTHY stars as Sookie St. James, a clumsy culinary genius and Lorelai's best friend. KEIKO AGENA stars as Lane Kim, Rory's pal. YANIC TRUESDALE stars as Michel Gerard, the inn's haughty concierge. SCOTT PATTERSON stars as Luke Danes, the rugged owner of the local diner who never fails to charm Lorelai with his smile and great coffee. LIZA WEIL stars as brainy and popular student Paris Geller. SEAN GUNN stars as Kirk, one of the town's eccentrics. KELLY BISHOP stars as Emily Gilmore, Lorelai's wealthy, overbearing mother, with EDWARD HERRMANN appearing as Lorelai's old-fashioned father. And recurring guest star LIZ TORRES plays Miss Patty, the local dance instructor and social commentator.

Haunted Leg
Ignoring Lorelai's pleas to stay out of her love life, Emily tries to reunite Rory's father, Christopher (recurring guest star DAVID SUTCLIFFE), with Lorelai and Rory. This results in an ugly confrontation between Rory and Christopher. Meanwhile, Lorelai rebuffs the romantic advances of the town geek, Kirk, and Rory learns that Jess is angry that she neglected him during the summer.

Application Anxiety
When an application to attend Harvard University arrives, Rory and Lorelai arrange a dinner at an alumnus' house to get advice. Meanwhile, Lane becomes enamored with a boy who answers her advertisement for rock band members. And local resident Taylor Doose (recurring guest star MICHAEL WINTERS) convinces Luke to open an old-fashioned soda fountain next to the diner

One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes
The Stars Hollow Parent Teacher Association invites Lorelai and Luke to speak at the high school's career day, but when the students bombard Lorelai with questions about her teenage pregnancy, the PTA moms turn ugly. After discovering that her mother, Mrs. Kim (recurring guest star EMILY KURODA), wants her to go to a conservative religious college, Lane asserts her independence by dying her hair purple--with Rory's help.

Eight O'Clock at the Oasis
Lorelai pursues an attractive man, Peyton Sanders (JON HAMM), whom she met at an auction organized by her mother, Emily. However, when the first date is a disaster, Lorelai tries to cancel the second date, and Emily and Richard insist that she is damaging their social standing. Meanwhile, Rory enlists Jess' help when she can't turn off a neighbor's sprinkler system.

Take the Deviled Eggs...
When Rory is invited to a celebration for her father's pregnant girlfriend, Sherry (recurring guest star MÄDCHEN AMICK - "Lucky"), Lorelai is forced to attend as well, and she inadvertently learns more about Christopher's life than she wanted to know. Meanwhile, after Luke interrogates Jess about where he got the money to buy a used car, he discovers that Jess has a surprising second job.

They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?
Determined to win the annual Stars Hollow 24-hour dance marathon, Lorelai forces Rory to be her partner. While everyone in town dances around them, Rory and Jess can't stop arguing, a fact that Dean definitely notices.

Let the Games Begin
Lorelai and Rory join Richard and Emily on a trip to visit Yale University, but Richard causes trouble with the news that he has arranged an interview for Rory with the dean of admissions. Meanwhile, Luke tells Jess how he feels about Jess' relationship with Rory.

A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving
Lorelai and Rory enjoy the bounty of Thanksgiving four times in a row when, on the way to a formal dinner party with Richard and Emily, they stop for celebrations with Lane, Sookie and Luke. Lorelai is shocked to learn that Rory has applied to Yale University. Meanwhile, Dean and Jess almost get into a fistfight over Rory.

That'll Do, Pig
Lorelai is forced to miss the Stars Hollow Winter Carnival due to the unexpected arrival of Richard's haughty mother, the original Lorelai, otherwise known as Gran (recurring guest star MARION ROSS - "Happy Days"). Gran insists on having dinner with Richard and Emily at the inn and makes a surprise announcement. Meanwhile, Jess refuses to accompany Rory to the carnival--until he finds out that she might go with Dean.

I Solemnly Swear...
Rory is tricked by her manipulative classmate Francie (recurring guest star EMILY BERGL), who convinces Paris that Rory has been plotting against her. Meanwhile, when Emily is sued by a former maid, Lorelai worries that if she gives a deposition in the case, it will cause more problems with her mother. Also, Lorelai meets an interesting man, Alex Lesman (MICHAEL WEAVER), at a business seminar.

Lorelai Out of Water
After surprising herself by agreeing to go on a fishing date with her new beau, Alex (recurring guest star BILLY BURKE), Lorelai asks Luke for a lesson in fishing techniques. Meanwhile, the political battle between Rory and Paris escalates when Paris tries to have Rory impeached. Lane plots to go to the prom with a guitarist, Dave (recurring guest star ADAM BRODY). And Luke asks an attorney, Nicole (recurring guest star TRICIA O'KELLEY), on a date.

Dear Emily and Richard
When Christopher's pregnant girlfriend, Sherry (recurring guest star MÄDCHEN AMICK), begins labor and asks Rory to stay with her at the hospital, Lorelai reminisces about the day Rory was born. In flashbacks, 16-year-old Lorelai (CHELSEA BRUMNET) learns she is pregnant, decides not to marry young Christopher (PHILLIP GLENN VAN DYKE) and leaves home with her new baby.

Swan Song
Lorelai goes away with her new boyfriend, Alex (recurring guest star BILLY BURKE), for a weekend in New York, but she worries about leaving Rory and Jess together. Meanwhile, when Jess goes with Rory to dinner at Emily's house and refuses to explain his injured eye, Rory accuses him of fighting with Dean

Tired of waiting for Jess to call and make plans for the weekend, Rory accompanies Lane to a hockey game, where she encounters Dean and his new girlfriend, Lindsay (ARIELLE KEBBEL). Meanwhile, Lorelai confronts Jess about his poor treatment of Rory. And when Gran (recurring guest star MARION ROSS) comes to visit for a few days, Emily is shocked to find her kissing a man.

The Big One
While nervously waiting for their college acceptance letters to arrive, Rory and Paris compete to give a speech at Chilton Academy's bicentennial celebration. Meanwhile, when Lorelai encounters her former fiancé, Max Medina (recurring guest star SCOTT COHEN), and they share a passionate kiss, she wonders if ending the engagement was the right decision. Also, Sookie's strange behavior has a surprising explanation

A Tale of Poes and Fire
When a meeting of the Edgar Allan Poe Society at the Independence Inn is interrupted by a minor fire, Lorelai must find rooms for the guests at various homes around town. Forced to relinquish her bedroom in her own house, Lorelai spends the night at Luke's place. Meanwhile, trying to decide amongst Harvard, Yale and Princeton, Lorelai and Rory make an extensive list of positives and negatives for each college. And Luke worries that Jess may not be attending school when he learns that Jess has been working a surprising number of hours at a local drugstore

Happy Birthday, Baby
While Lorelai deals with the rebuilding of the fire-damaged inn, Rory schemes to give her mom a great birthday party, complete with a gigantic pizza. After Richard surprises Lorelai with a large check that resulted from an investment he made when she was born, she uses part of the money to repay her parents for Rory's education, a gesture which does not please Emily. Meanwhile, Luke confirms that his suspicions are correct: Jess has been skipping school to work extra shifts at the drugstore.

Keg! Max!
With graduation approaching, Rory happily anticipates attending the Stars Hollow High School prom with Jess--but he gets some surprising news from Principal Merten (LAWRENCE HILTON-JACOBS - "Welcome Back, Kotter"). After Lane's rock band debuts at a big party, the evening ends badly when the longstanding animosity between Jess and Dean finally results in a fistfight. Meanwhile, Lorelai reluctantly serves on the parents' committee for the Chilton graduation party, uncomfortably reuniting her with her former boyfriend, Max Medina (recurring guest star SCOTT COHEN).

Say Goodnight, Gracie
After the brawl between Jess and Dean, Lane is in a lot of trouble with her conservative mother, and Luke is furious at Jess. But ironically, Lorelai is proud of Rory for causing such passion in two guys. Later, a mysterious coffee shop patron observes Jess at work and accidentally leaves his wallet behind. Upon finding it, Luke is amazed to discover that the man is Jess' estranged father, Jimmy Mariano (recurring guest star ROB ESTES - "Melrose Place," "Providence"), from California. Jimmy's arrival causes Jess to ponder a major decision. Meanwhile, Lorelai's relationship with her mother gets worse. Dean amazes Rory with a life-altering announcement. And Lorelai and Sookie guiltily try to capitalize on the death of a beloved bakery owner whose building they desperately want to convert into their own inn.

Here Comes the Son
Jess leaves Stars Hollow and travels across the country to Venice, California, where his father, Jimmy (recurring guest star ROB ESTES), lives. The reunion and the important decisions it engenders cause tension with Jimmy's live-in girlfriend, Sasha (SHERILYN FENN - "Twin Peaks," "Boxing Helena"). Jess also becomes intrigued by a skateboarder, Ivy (SAIGE THOMPSON)--after a rough introduction. Meanwhile, although she has an almost impossible amount of school-related work to complete before graduation, Rory agrees to help her grandmother choose an outfit for the ceremony--resulting in another conflict with Lorelai. Also, Lorelai agonizes over paying for Rory's Yale education.

Those Are Strings, Pinocchio
In the season finale, Rory and Lorelai happily prepare for Rory's graduation from Chilton. But major developments involving the Independence Inn threaten to dampen the festivities. Rory secretly approaches Emily and Richard for help. Meanwhile, Rory and Dean share a bittersweet moment as he prepares for a big life change. Rory's beautiful valedictorian speech causes many tears. Rory and Lorelai are excited about their summertime European trip. And Luke has a surprising dream about Lorelai on the night before a romantic cruise with his girlfriend. Recurring guest star musician GRANT LEE PHILLIPS appears as the Town Troubadour.

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